With Reuben Lyran Healer

Reuben's Galactic Sekhem is akin to the previously known modern energy healing systems such as P. Ziegler's or W. Rand's systems which both began by using various variations of the same name, Sekhem or Sekem.

What does this mean?

Sekhem translates from Ancient Egyptian as the 'Power of Powers'. This Sekhem exists to balance and strengthen us in our entirety. Mainly by working closely with the five parts of our being which are the Physical Body or Ba, The Soul or Ka, The Name and The Shadow.

Sekhem was represented by a Scepter in Ancient Egyptian Symbology and in the Modern day this same power has been intricately woven into the Eternity Symbol as this symbol was channelled by Patrick Ziegler who was the first person in the western world to Re-discover Sekhem in 1980 whilst he was visiting the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt and went on to profess about his profound experience with the energy he connected with there.

The Sekhem power is Protected by the Neteru who are primal and ancient archetypal deities that were known mostly In Ancient Egyptian religion & spiritual practices.

The Neteru most connected with Sekhem is the ferocious and strong Lioness Goddess Sekhmet. Although other healing deities such as Auset or Isis and Hathor are some other Neteru that connect with this energy.

Our exciting new system 'Galactic Sekhem' is currently been finalised by Reuben Lyran Healer who is creating it through spiritual healing experiences and channeling it by connecting into the flow of Sekhem and discovering it in an entirely new way, by exploring the connection of Sekhem and the pyramids of Egypt to the star systems which perhaps have not been explored or fully tapped into since Ancient times!

As a blossoming Starseed Reuben takes great joy in offering this new energy healing sytem that he has labelled Galactic Sekhem. Which has the profoundly spiritual and deeply resonating energy of Sekhem with the inclusion of the conciousness raising, expansive and DNA activating frequencies from the Lyrans, Sirians, Arcturians, Pleidians, Andromedans, Ascended Masters, Angels and more!

Come and experience an energetic healing session like nothing you have experienced before!

(In the near future, we will be teaching this healing energy system to others, so please get in touch if interested!)